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Tue, Oct 01


Virtual and In-Person Certification

Healer Certification and Training Program: Become a Powerful Energy Healer and Channeler

Virtual (October 1 - 10/22)- and In Person In-Person October 30 - November 3, 2024, Sobieski, WI Step into your healing capabilities in my upcoming Healer Certification and Training Program: Become a Powerful Energy Healer and Channeler that launches this October. RSVP LINKS BELOW

Healer Certification and Training Program:  Become a Powerful Energy Healer and Channeler
Healer Certification and Training Program:  Become a Powerful Energy Healer and Channeler

Time & Location

Oct 01, 2024, 6:00 PM CDT – Nov 03, 2024, 11:30 AM CST

Virtual and In-Person Certification

About the event


When you attend my upcoming Healer Certification and Training Program, launching in October, you will become a powerful Energy Healer and Channeler.

This certification uses the word ‘Healing’ as the ability to help individuals transform, shift, release, and come back to the person they came here to be without their stories, their past weighing them down, and their un-truths. This is exactly what you will learn to do in this certification.

This small group, high-impact Healer Certification and Training Program will equip you with the skills you need to work as a healer as well as provide you with a wealth of healing, shifting, and  transforming of yourself so you are stronger and clearer when working with others and yourself.


This unique and powerful Healer Certification and Training Program includes virtual sessions and ends with an immersive in-person session to practice, deepen, and anchor the skills in the  training.

For individuals looking to tap into your own unique healing abilities and leverage your abilities to step into the Healer you are.

If you are called to this course, I would imagine other events/experiences have led you down the  path to exploring your healing capabilities. Most of us have followed this path and started listening to our ‘knowing’ and intuition. Because the healer experience is so diverse, this program helps you to find your strengths as a healer. No previous experience is required to take  this training, only the desire to heal yourself and others.

This Healer Certification and Training is led by me, Eva Nelson. After years of learning and honing my craft as a Healer, I am honored and thrilled to provide this offering. I have transformed myself, empowered and healed others, and have extensive corporate training and development experience. I’m a highly-skilled and ethical Intuitive Channeler and Healer and have taught many individuals to tap into their intuitive and healing abilities. I am a powerful Healer, whose  passion and medicine allow me to empower individuals to heal, transform, expand, grow, and shift. I am able to do this through my unique abilities to channel immense and potent healing energies and knowledge. I am incredibly honored to hold this medicine and strongly believe everyone is their own healer.

Healing is a potent tool for individual transformation. In my 1:1 healing sessions, we accelerate shifts and spiritual growth through working core wounds/stories, breaking soul agreements, cutting energetic cords, finding and integrating lost soul parts, updating Akashic Records, remembering and letting go of energy from past lives, and so much more! When I work with  individuals, I enable them to unbecome what they thought they were and fully step into and love  who they are.

In this powerful Healer Certification and Training Program, you will find the ways you work and heal. No two healers are the same! I believe in empowering your unique gifts; I simply provide the space and opportunity to build a strong foundation so you can take off in your own direction and ability.

Each session (both virtually and in-person) is an accelerated hands-on learning opportunity for a wide range of spiritual healing techniques. Skills include but are not limited to: learning practical skills/techniques, gaining valuable information and knowledge, energy healing, grounding exercises, protecting your energy methodologies, ethics, and practice sessions with other students to gain experience.

One of the most powerful components of this program is all of you who show up. In each session, you will learn on your own and then deepen and anchor your skills by practicing with others. This is the best way to hone and develop.

You will learn in a safe and nurturing space that will accelerate your learning and growth as a healer. Be prepared to be blown away as you strengthen your healing and intuitive abilities.

During this Healer Certification and Training Program, you will walk away with the following healing techniques:

  • Diagnosing, discerning, and shifting energy
  • Connecting and getting messages from spiritual guides
  • Cutting/releasing energetic cords
  • Breaking soul agreements
  • Reading and discerning past lives
  • Deprogramming/shifting core stories
  • Performing soul retrievals
  • Updating Akashic library records

Additionally, we will also cover several key skills to help you create a foundation for your abilities:

  • How to set clear intentions
  • How to create a safe place to connect to your healing capability
  • How to create a safe place to enter into multi-dimensionality
  • How to put the mind on pause and really listen
  • How to maintain an ethical exchange with others
  • How to protect and keep your energy clear
  • How to create a sustainable and profitable healing business.

Through these exercises, you will learn and leave with the following:

  • Improved trust and understanding of your healing capabilities
  • Empowered skills to clear and protect your energy
  • Strengthened clarity and self-confidence
  • Increased community connection by working with like-minded others
  • A transformative and life-changing experience in a safe and nurturing space

…and so much more yet to be seen within your unique, individual experience!

Here are several signs of an inherent Healer. If you answer “YES!” to any of these, I urge you to  join me for this amazing transformative opportunity:

  • Are you a trusted advisor to those close to you?
  • Have you been told you make people feel calm, safe, etc…?
  • Do you feel as though you have heightened intuitive senses?
  • Are you empathetic and sensitive to those around you?
  • Have you experienced difficult challenges throughout your life?
  • Do you feel called to help people?
  • Do you potentially suffer from anxiety and/or depression?
  • Would you call yourself an introvert?
  • Do you often feel exhausted by certain social interactions?
  • Are you drawn to healing techniques or professions?

I look forward to embarking on this journey with you and encourage you to reach out with any  questions or reservations. I’m here to help and support you in any way I can.

Not quite sure if this opportunity applies to you? Read what others who have completed my  course have said:

● “Eva is a transformative force of nature and I couldn’t be more excited to share how I have grown, healed, and experienced deep learning and joy from her transformative healing gifts.”

● “I cannot recommend this offering enough. Anyone who is engaged in any form of self development, healing or who simply wants to know themselves or their energetic body on a deeper level, will benefit from Eva’s guidance and gifts.”

● “Eva is great at what she does! Completing the course was a powerful experience with classes that offered live practice and results that can’t be denied or easily explained! I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to make sense of, or wanting to explore, the  power of intuition.”

● “Knowing that I possessed the ability is one thing, learning how to facilitate it is a completely different thing. Eva is the only teacher I want to work with to build on my spiritual gifts. I not only learned how to trust my inner voice, I was able to communicate with spirit and deliver messages. I am looking forward to continuing my journey while being connected.”



Certification registration RSVP is now open - reserve now - spaces fill up fast!

A $200 non-refundable deposit is all it takes to RSVP your space. Attend on your own or bring a  friend or partner. I will accept RSVPs until the training is full.

Certification Dates and Outline

This program includes four virtual sessions, followed by an immersive, in-person session, and two virtual anchor sessions.

  • Four virtual sessions - meeting on Tuesdays October 1 - 22, 6-8 pm CDT via Zoom.
  • In-person certification immersion - Wednesday, October 30, 4:00 pm CDT - Sunday, November 3, 11:00 am CDT (retreat center located in Sobieski, WI [outside of Greenbay,  WI] - 
  • Two virtual sessions - Tuesdays November 12 & November 19, 6-8 pm CDT via Zoom.
  • Includes two individual Transformative Healing Sessions with me; one before the in-person immersion and one after.  

Additional Details For Certification

  • October Virtual Sessions: we will use these sessions to anchor into the type of healer you want to become and begin to learn and practice specific healing skills. You will also get an individual session with me during this time.
  • October In-Person Session: we will come together in person for the immersive part of the certification at the retreat center in the Golden Light Healing Center in Sobieski, WI  (just outside of Green Bay). We will learn, practice, and strengthen the healing  techniques while working on your personal blocks and any limitations getting in the way  of you stepping into the healer you are.
  • November Virtual Sessions: we will use these sessions to continue anchoring and practicing your abilities.
  • Two Individual Transformative Healing Sessions: During these sessions you will work  your personal stories, limiting self beliefs, and anything else getting in the way of you stepping into becoming a healer.

Pricing Options and Accommodations (payment plan available if needed; details below)

  • Private Room - $ 1700 
    • Includes all virtual and in-person sessions to satisfy certification and training completion
    • Includes a private room* and all meals during the in-person sessions
    • 4 spots available     



  • Shared Room - $1500 
    • Includes all virtual and in-person sessions to satisfy certification and training completion
    • Includes a shared room (twin beds)* and all meals during the in-person sessions
    • 12 spots available   



*Bathrooms and showers are located in the main retreat center building next to the cabins for  both private and shared room options.

Payment Plan: If you need a payment plan here is what I offer (no interest added):

  • Private Room: $1700 (minus $200 deposit) - four payments of $375 due by the 15th of July, August, September and October.
  • Shared Room: $1500 (minus $200 deposit) - four payments of $325 due by the 15th of July, August, September and October.

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