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Intuitive Skill Building


Transformative Healing

We are the threads that guide us...

The Advanced Intuitive/Healer Courses (1 & 2) are part of an overall training program that includes the Intro course. This powerful training experience was designed to strengthen & accelerate your ability to step into your intuitive and/or healing abilities - whether you want to do so for your own journey or you would like to work with others.

Each course is an accelerated hands-on learning opportunity that will empower you to not only learn what your skills are, but provide the space and structure to practice them. I am a highly-skilled, ethical Intuitive Channeler & Healer and have taught many individuals to tap into their intuitive and healing abilities.

You will be provided a safe and nurturing space to grow in and have the opportunity to connect/network with others in the course. Be prepared to be blown away as you continue to strengthen your healing and intuitive abilities. Read testimonials here.

In each advanced course you will receive:

Hands-on learning and practice sessions

Separate practice sessions with others outside course

Ability to connect and networking with others

A safe and nurturing space to grow your intuitive abilities

A Resource Guide (pdf)

An Optional Healing Session with me

To release/clear/shift your intuitive connection

(Each session 30-40 min, $125)

Upcoming Courses

Advanced Course 1

August 9 - September 13

Advanced Course 2

October 4 - November 29

During this unique, hands-on, four-week
Advanced Course 1, you will learn to:

~ Diagnose, Discern and Shift Energy

~ Cut and Release Energetic Cords

~ Deprogram/Work Core Stories/Programming 

During this unique, hands-on five-week Advanced Course 2, you will learn to :

~ Break Soul Agreements

~ Read and Discern Past Lives

~ Perform Soul Retrievals

~ Update Akashic Library Records  

Course Requirements

Intuitive Skill Building Course for Advanced course 1

Advanced Course 1 for Advanced course 2

This workshop is appropriate for all ages over 18

Open mind and open heart to expand and walk away a different person

Special Offer

Accelerated Advanced Course 1 & 2 Skills offered single classes May & June 2022

A special offering for those that want to take their intuitive/healer skills to the next level but don't want to and/or can't commit to the entire training program. 

Chat With Me

Reach out to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

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