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Transformative Healing

Transformative Healing

Individual healing sessions that are potent in nature and recommended for those looking to create real shifts in their life. Focus is on shifting narratives/stories that keep individuals small, in fear, stuck to move forward in their lives.

These healing sessions are powerful because we dive into the root of 'why' things are happening so that real, impactful shifts can take place. I am honored to have my unique abilities to channel potent healing energies and knowledge and be able to hold a safe, sacred, loving space for you to do your work in.

Sessions are tailored for individual needs to provide deep emotional lasting impact. 

Introduction (20 min)

Get to know each other and set intention.

Healing (approx 50 min - 1 hr)

Recorded, personalized healing session sent to the individual to receive/listen to in their own space.

Integration (30 min)

Reconnect to answer questions, anchor the healing, and discuss next steps.

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Deep Dive Healing

Deep Dive Healing

Individual healing experience for those wanting to dive deep into their healing and transformational work - wanting to commit to their healing process and enable radical growth and shifts.

In this immersive experience we dive into a specific intention (e.g., feeling stuck, lack of confidence, clarity of purpose, healing trauma, toxic relationships, etc.) and use Transformative Healing as a foundation.

We then continue the healing experience with three powerful healing/coaching sessions to continue working, shifting, transforming, and healing the set intention. 

Deep Dives are for those looking for significant shifts in their lives, perspectives, patterns, and stories. 

Introduction (30 min)

Get to know each other and discuss intention for Deep Dive.

Healing/Coaching (approx 50 min - 1 hr)

Three healing/coaching sessions to dive into and shift your desired healing and/or transformational intention. 
*To be used within a 9 weeks window to ensure impact.

Ongoing Support

Once Deep Dive work begins, access to support from myself via WhatsApp, email and/or text.  

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Healer Empowerment

Healer Empowerment

Individual healing and learning deep dive for Healers - either those already working as one or interested in becoming one (e.g., coaching, reiki, energy work, psychic, intuitive coaches, tarot reading, etc.) This is for those wanting to step more fully into their gifts, purpose, and path.

In this immersive experience we dive into stories and energies that are blocking you from fully being the Healer you want to be. We also tap into what skills/tools you want to learn and use as a Healer. This experience consists of five focused, powerful healing/coaching/learning sessions that empower you to step more fully into your Healing potential. 

Healer deep dives are for those looking for significant shifts in their ability to Heal (whether for your work with others or yourself). 

Introduction (30 min)

Get to know each other and discuss intention for Healer Empowerment deep dive.

Healing/Coaching/Learning (~50 min - 1 hr)

Five healing/coaching/learning sessions to continue shifting and accelerating your Healer potential.
*To be used within a 16 weeks window to ensure impact. 

Ongoing Support

Once Healer Empowerment work begins, access to support from myself via WhatsApp, email and/or text.   

Healing Check-In

This experience is for current clients in need of focused clearing, soul retrieval, agreement breaking, cord cutting, or removing similar healing obstacles.


Breathwork is a powerful transformative experience that facilitates conscious connection with spirit, body, and hidden aspects of ourselves. I believe we are our own healers and this process creates a safe and sacred space where individuals can let go of ego and defenses, release what is no longer needed, and find answers and healing.

This process is based in deep circular breathing amplified with chakra-attuned music to access your innate soul-level wisdom. Along with mandala art therapy and group sharing, individuals will gain understanding and healing. Each person’s journey is a highly individualized process, and no two are ever the same, even for those who return to breathwork again and again.

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