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Eva changed my life. It’s so hard to capture in mere words—but my one-on-one session with her released obstacles I’d been carrying around my entire life without realizing it.


After our session, I immediately felt lighter, like a hundred pound yoke had been taken off my neck, but it’s really been the years afterward when everything changed. It’s like she released a stopper that had been bottling in lifetimes' worth of fear, causing me to keep myself small and safe, and live my entire life for other people’s validation and approval.

And life on the other side of that…is like getting the chance to be an entirely different person, someone I never thought I could be—strong and sure and filled with so much peace.


And saying thank you doesn’t quite cover the magnitude of Eva’s wisdom and insight. I’m so grateful for her, for being kind and down-to-earth and real, and for helping me to become (and to continue grow into) the best and truest version of myself.

—  Alison C

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