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Accelerated Healer Circles

In Person, Fort Worth, TX ~ May 6, 2021

Virtual ~ May 16, 2021


Healer Circle Wokshop

Accelerated Healer Circles are two month experiences, for eight individuals who meet once a week. They are powerful experiences and are for those wanting to step more fully into their Healer's gift, purpose and path.


It is beneficial for those looking to step into their healing capabilities, grow them and/or develop their already existing skills as a Healer.

These Circles are unique and impactful as Healers will receive 1:1 focused healing sessions with myself, group skill building time and have a dedicated partner in the Circle to practice the skills learned during group time.


Since each Circle allows only eight Healers to ensure quality and opportunity to accelerate - an application process is required. More Circles will be added due to interest. 

This is for you if you are...

Looking to grow/expand your healing capabilities (e.g., spiritual coaching, reiki, energy, psychic, readings, etc.), including your confidence and skill set.

Wanting to work with other Healers and practice your capabilities with a smaller group.

Looking to work directly with me to clear blockages, energy, stories keeping you from your healing potential.

Wanting to learn how to be a Healer - for your own healing or to work with others.

You Will Receive

Opportunity to work with small group of Healers, ensuring quality and acceleration 

Two 1:1 direct, focused healing sessions to work and shift the energies that are blocking you from your Healing Potential

Four Healer:Healer Practice sessions

Connect with other Healers to share your capabilities and learn from theirs

An electronic copy of skills/tools and methods

One group introduction connection and what to expect session

Three skill/tool building group sessions that will enable you to:

Connect to and work with your Guides

Learn to run energy and work with healing energies 

Diagnose and heal blocked energies/chakras for Healee

Read past lives/cellular memory and provide meaning and message for Healee

Space to safely practice and grow your capabilities

Workshop Details


In - Person Circle

This circle will be conducted in Forth Worth, Texas at The Center For The Healing Arts, with group sessions happening every Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 8:30 PM CST

1:1 Sessions schedule






Group Sessions schedule








Apply Now to be part of this unique and impactful circle. Accepting only 8 participants for this circle.

for In-Person Accelerated Healer Circle

Virtual Circle

This circle will be conducted and held online via Zoom, so anyone can attend. Group sessions happening Sunday mornings at 9:00 - 11:30 am CST.

1:1 Sessions schedule






Group Sessions schedule









Apply Now to be part of this unique and impactful circle. Accepting only 8 participants for this circle.

for Virtual Accelerated Healer Circle

  • Week 1
    One-on-one introduction connection to set intention (20 mins)
  • Week 2
    Group connection: Introductions, expectations & what to expect (2.5 hrs) Partner Connection (30 mins)
  • Week 3
    Group skill building: Connect with & work with your Guide (2.5 hrs) Partner Practice (40 mins)
  • Week 4
    One-on-one focused Healing Session (30 mins)
  • Week 5
    Group skill building: Learn to run energy & work with healing energies (2.5 hrs) Partner Practice (40 mins)
  • Week 6
    Group skill building: Diagnose and heal blocked energies/chakras & read past lives/cellular memory (2.5 hrs) Partner Practice (40 mins)
  • Week 7
    One-on-one focused Healing Session (30 mins)
  • Week 8
    Group connection: Practice skill(s) and close out the circle (2.5 hrs)


No prior experience is necessary

This workshop is appropriate for all ages over 18

Access to a device with access and use of Zoom Conferencing (*for Virtual Circles Only)

Open mind and open heart to expand and walk away a different person

Chat With Me

Reach out to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

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